Camping Marina di Carrara

A few kilometers from the Campsite there is Marina di Carrara, a pleasant tourist town and easily accessible by bicycle. The wharf area located next to the port has been recently renovated. The area is only for pedestrians, with a nice round square, reminding an amphitheatre, and a central sculpture in memory of seafarers. Everything of course in Carrara white marble. Near the Camping, Marina di Carrara is often the scene of numerous events and exhibitions. Not far away there is Carrara, known around the world for its fine white marble that is extracted from the mountains of the Apuan Alps at the foot of which the city stands. Carrara of millennial quarrymen; Carrara of sculptors; Carrara of anarchists; Carrara as borderland, between Tuscany, Emilia Romagna and Liguria. Between the places to visit, Piazza Alberica, the Duomo of St. Andrea, Piazza d’Armi, now Piazza Gramsci, overlooked by the majestic fortified Cybo-Malaspina Palace, home of the prestigious and historic Academy of Fine Arts. Choose Camping Taimi to have relaxing and funny holidays!