Francesca Frediani

Camping Manager & Founder

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”

(Lao-tzu – “Tao Te Ching”)

Francesca Frediani is the owner and soul of Camping Taimì.

“After a parenthesis of young Milan lifestyle as Vogue’s graphic designer, at some point in my life I felt that I wanted more, that my life was running somewhere else and I wanted to follow it. I left Milan. For some years I travelled a lot, then, conscious of the importance for travellers to find a place to spend their leisure time pleasantly, I moved back to Carrara, and in 1992 I created and took over Camping Luna.

During 23 years of experience, I realized that seeing people happy and comfortable in a place designed by me specially for this purpose, fills me with joy.

This is how was born the desire to start this new adventure: Taimì

another way to travel. “

Juri Genovesi

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