The convenience of our campsite in Tuscany is that it is located at a quite short distance from some of the most beautiful cities of art all over the world:


Siena, more distant than the other cities of art of Tuscany, is universally known for its enormous historic, artistic, landscaping heritage and for its stylistic unity of the medieval urban design. Siena is about 185 km away from Camping Taimi..


About 115 km away, one hour’s drive from our Campsite, you can find Florence, heritage of UNESCO. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the thanks to its monuments, its churches, its palaces, cemeteries, villas and gardens. Just to mention a few: the Duomo with its gorgeous dome by Brunelleschi, Signoria Palace, Pitti Palace with the charming Boboli Gardens, Ponte Vecchio, Piazzale Michelangelo and of course the Uffizi, one of the most important museums in the world. Visit Florence is an human experience of particular intensity.


Pisa, which is about 45 km far from Camping Taimì, is worldwide famous for its Piazza dei Miracoli. You can not visit Tuscany without taking a picture of the famous Leaning Tower. Cathedral Square (known as the Square of Miracles) brings together, in a quiet pedestrian area, architectural monuments that make it famous around the world: the Cathedral, the Baptistery and the Monumental Cemetery, there’s the famous leaning Tower. In Pisa there are at least three inclined bell towers: one is the famous Tower, the second is the church tower of St. Nicola; the third is the bell tower of the church of St. Michele degli Scalzi (in this case also the church has a significant inclination). To remember, finally, the archaeological site of the Ancient Ships, an heritage consisting of old cargo ships sunk in different periods with their loads. But also Cavalieri Palace, home of the prestigious Normal University of Pisa.   Pisa is just 45 km far from Camping Taimi; this is why many of our guests who want to spend their holidays in Tuscany, choose our Camping on the coast.


Lucca is a city worth to be discovered because of the care of its every artistic and urban detail. It is about 45 km away from Camping Taimi and it is easily accessible even for a short trip. We recommend a walk on the high walls of Lucca, a beautiful boulevard about 4 km long and 12 meters high, which surrounds the old town of Lucca. The center has retained its original form and shows architectures of absolute value, such as many medieval churches (Lucca is nicknamed the “city of 100 churches”) and bell towers, and Renaissance palaces of excellent linearity. You can admire the view of Lucca just from the famous tree-lined tower Torre Guinigi or from the 207 steps of the higher Clock Tower. One of the most beautiful and evocative view of all the city is offered by the Amphitheatre Square that stands in the exact place where once the ancient Roman Amphitheater stood. You can access to the Square by four small doorways, making this place as closed as in a confined space. From the center of the square you can enjoy its beauty and you will understand why it is considered one of the most beautiful squares in Italy! In summer the historic squares are home to the concerts of famous international artists. Visit the Lucca Summer Festival website to learn more.


Pietrasanta, 20 kilometres far from camping Taimì, is a town known for its marble and bronze processing, a crossroads of sculptors from all over the world. Thanks to an historic centre full of monuments and well cared for, the country has became over time a real small city of art, with seasonal galleries and exhibitions in Piazza del Duomo and in the Church of St. Agostino.


Cozy, elegant and small, Sarzana, is located in Liguria in about 20 minutes by car (15 km) from camping Taimi. The streets of Sarzana are full of old antique shops and restoration workshops. In August the historic centre of Sarzana hosts for more than fifty years “La Soffitta nella Strada”, must for all antiques lovers and experts. Do not miss, in September, the “Festival della Mente,” the first European festival devoted to creativity and creative processes. (LINK FESTIVAL   We recommend a visit to a little gem located halfway between Sarzana and camping Taimi (10 km from the campsite): the village of Nicola. To reach this picturesque village on the top of a hill along the Via Aurelia, follow the signs to Ortonovo and later to Nicola.   A panoramic road surrounded by green will bring you to this ancient village and you’ll be enchanted.


The past and the present of Carrara are strongly linked to the extraction of marble, the real symbol of this city. We recommend a visit to the historical center, starting from the Academy of Fine Arts to Piazza Alberica and reaching the nearby Cathedral of St. Andrew. During the year, artistic paths with installations, sculptures, design, exhibitions, cultural events, entertainment and shows animate the streets and squares of Carrara. Do not miss a visit to the impressive marble quarries. Ask to camping Taimi for tips on how to reach them, or how to book a great tour by jeep.   The center of Carrara is 8 km far from our Campsite and, to admire the beautiful quarries of Carrara, you just have to cover 13 km from us. For a camping holiday in Tuscany, the heart of history and art which has made it famous all over the world, choose camping Taimi. It ‘a good starting point to visit the beautiful Tuscany and the nearby Ligury!