Your pets are welcome in our Camping. As not to disturb the other guests, we ask you kindly to adhere the following rules:

1. Pets are admitted  in your campers and caravans and in tends (and in a limited number, just 1 for each facility). Please contact us if you have more than one pet.

2. The presence of pets must be reported either at the reservation or at the arrival.

3. Pets entrance must be authorized by our Head Office.

4. According to Authorities, any kind of dog or animal that can be dangerous for the other Guests of our Camping (or belonging to a dangerous breed) will not be admitted in our facility or can be sent away.

5. The documentation of pet vaccination and prophylactic flea/tick treatment must always be carried along.

6. Pets must be kept on short leash.

7. Any damage caused by pets to the other Guests or to the accommodation, will be under the owner’s responsibility.

8. Dogs have free access to the public beach. They’re allowed in the private beaches at the discretion of the manager (not in the beach Capitano).

9. Pets can’t be left alone inside the campsite.

10. Pet owners must strictly follow the health and hygiene rules during the stay in our facilities.

11. Pets must not cause nuisance and must be taken outside the tourist complex for their droppings. Anyhow, it is obligatory to pick up the droppings of one’s own pet.

12. The owners who will break the rules will be asked to leave our Camping.