Maison Esthétique is a reality that deals with aesthetics and well-being. Our philosophy is to make your holiday even more enjoyable, bringing the aesthetic treatments directly to you, with a simple appointment.

Let yourself be conquered…

• Holistic Massage
From the Greek Olos “Totality”, acts with sensory stimulation on body and mind. A real ritual of wellness…

• Relaxing Massage
Slow, fluid and deep movements are relaxing the body, reducing its tension and stiffness in all its parts.

• Decontracting Massage
Ideal for stretching muscles contractions and reactivating microcirculation in the tissues.

Wellness anywhere…
• Draining Lymph Massage
Ideal for anti-cellulite treatment. With slow and rhythmic movements acts on the circulation, improving it and at the same time drains the liquids in excess.

• Body Treatments Draining/Slimming
With mud baths and wraps, these treatments act on the body with a slimming, draining and toning effect.


Offer massages “Relaxing” 30 minutes
1 massage 25€
2 massages 40€

Offer massages “Relaxing” 60 minutes
1 massage 45€
2 massages 80€

Offer massages “Draining” 30 minutes
1 massage 30€
4 massaages 90€

Offer massages “Draining” 60 minutes

1 massage 45€
2 massages 160€

Each package purchased is nominative.
Purchased packages must be paid by cash on booking.
Each purchase package can have a maximum of one day treatment.
The waiver or the inability to take advantage of the purchased package will be not entitled to any refund.
Treatments will take place every day at the following times: 09.30 – 18.00
The scheduling of the treatments will be established by our operator according to our availability, trying as far as possible however to satisfy the client.
We employ highly qualified and professional staff, specialists in aesthetic treatments, massages.