At a short distance from the Campsite for nature lovers there are two national parks of extraordinary beauty: the 5 Terre National Park and the Natural Park of the Apuan Alps. For mountain lovers, the territories of Lunigiana and Garfagnana, despite the short distance from the sea, offer great mountain landscape and allows the public to immerse in a nature of great beauty and intensity.

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About a 15 minute drive from the Campsite you can reach the wonderful Apuan Alps, a mountain range that stretches for about 60 km in the north of Tuscany. The Apuan Alps distinguish from the nearby Appennino mountain range because of their rugged morphology, with deep valleys and imposing and very inclined sides. The Apuan Alps are universally known for the beauty of their marbles, their deep abysses and the great cavities of karst underground. The geographical position of the massif, its exposure and the different nature of the rocks determine the presence of enchanting and contrasting environments, which favor the rich flora and fauna of the area. There are many activities that can be performed on the Apuan Alps: trekking, climbing, hiking and mountain biking.


We recommend a visit to the Wind Cave, making a really interesting journey inside a cave system which develops inside the Pania Secca in Garfagnana. There are several routes of varying length that offer an exceptional variety of aspects of karst and mud formations and underground streams. (link   Visitable since 2001 with a convenient shuttle bus from the village of Levigliani of Stazzema, the complex of Monte Corchia is the largest cave system in Italy and one of the largest in Europe. A wonder of nature that stretches for over 60 km of tunnels, with a height difference of 1,200 meters. It is available a free audio guide service for foreigners in English, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Dutch, Russian, Swedish, Portuguese, Hebrew. ( link The Apuan Alps are the home of the Regional Park which has many native species of flora and fauna.


An extensive network of trails covers the Park territory. Among the most popular routes you can find Via Vandelli, a particularly striking route paved in the majority, originally linking Modena to Massa. For experts, there are also numerous accessible climbing routes such as those of Mount Forato, Mount Sella or Mount Contrario.


Among the routes for bikers we remind those of Mount Folgorito, Mount Corchia and Gramolazzo.

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NATIONAL PARK OF CINQUE TERRE Located about 50 km away from camping Taimi, Cinque Terre are a destination popular all over the world. Cinque Terre offer a unique landscape with panoramic views of rare beauty and they are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. Five villages with beautiful terraces sloping to the sea: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola e Riomaggiore.   Excursions and trekking. Numerous are the hiking trails with enchanting landscapes. We point out some of the best known. Sciacchetrail: the name Sciacchetrail is a combination of the words Sciacchetrà and Trail: the sweet wine produced here and the ride in nature. The Blue Trail links Riomaggiore to Monterosso and the other three Terre: Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza. It is divided into four segments: the first of which is known all over the world as The Way of Love, which links Riomaggiore to Manarola. The Sanctuary trail: the path that winds along the coast offers opportunities to explore history and charming views where the view stretches from the creeks of the tuscan coast to Corsica. Visit the sanctuaries of Monterosso, Vernazza and Volastra.   Mountain bike. Among the routes for bikers remember that of Alta Via of 5 Terre.

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LUNIGIANA AND GARFAGNANA. Wonderful villages will welcome you in the territory of Lunigiana. Its valleys still preserve the ruins of the Via Francigena passage and the remains of the medieval history associated with it. To be remembered, the Fortress of Brunella in Aulla, the Malaspina Castle of Fosdinovo, Fortress Verrucola in Fivizzano, the beautiful medieval towns of Virgoletta and Filetto in Villafranca, the Castle of Bastia in Licciana Nardi. Garfagnana is a territory that stretches along the pond of the river Serchio and it is an area rich in forests, green valleys, villages and Castles. Among the monuments we remember the Rocca Ariostesca of Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, the Fortress of Castruccio Castracani in Camporgiano, the Church of St. Jacopo in Gallicano, the village of Minucciano, the village of Pieve Fosciana, Borgo San Romano in Garfagnana, the Borgo di Vergemoli.