Welcome to our area
dedicated to sustainability.

We are proud to present you a series of initiatives that make your experience here not only pleasant but also eco-friendly. From plastic-free water bottles to electric bicycle rental, from Repower, our charging service for bicycles and cars, to photovoltaic solar energy for hot water and bicycle charging, everything here is designed with the environment in mind. Join us in our mission to reduce environmental impact and choose green energy. 

Plastic free water bottles

You will find colorful reusable Made in Italy water bottles made with non-toxic recycled plastic, that you can filled up at the campsite bar.

Bicycles for rent.

Embrace a sustainable and eco-friendly way of travelling, leaving behind only footprints and memories, as you embark on this unforgettable cycling adventure through the heart and soul of Tuscany. At our campsite you can rent electric bicycles. 

The bicycle is certainly one of the most suitable, as well as most interesting, ways to explore Tuscany and you can easily recharge it at our DINAClub Repower Station at the entrance to our campsite. Not only that, you will have the opportunity to scan the QR code on DINA and thus earn a useful point to download one of the regional maps from komoot for free, the world’s leading application in the world of routing and live tracking for outdoor sports, otherwise for a fee. 

Repower charger for bicycles (Dina) and cars (Palina)

The DINAClub Repower Station stands out at the entrance to our campsite to recharge your pedal-assisted bicycle and access free komoot maps. 

With Palina, however, you can recharge your electric car thanks to the charging column with two alternating current sockets that allow the simultaneous charging of two electric vehicles.

Photovoltaic Panels

Our efforts to use sustainable energy extend to every part of the campsite, including the photovoltaic panels mounted on the roof of our restaurant. Thanks to this eco-friendly installation, we are able to generate clean energy directly from the sun, significantly reducing our ecological footprint. This renewable energy source not only allows us to power our campsite in a sustainable way, but also helps to preserve the surrounding environment. Our photovoltaic panels represent a tangible commitment to sustainability and conservation, offering an environmentally friendly travel experience to our guests. 

Hot water production

At Camping Taimì, we are committed to providing a sustainable and environmentally friendly experience. For this reason, our hot water production is powered by an advanced solar thermal system. This eco-friendly solution uses solar energy to heat the water used in our facilities. The solar thermal system not only allows us to reduce traditional energy consumption, but also contributes to preserving natural resources. In this way, we offer our guests a sustainable and comfortable camping experience. Find out how Camping Taimì is embracing solar thermal energy to offer an ecological and pleasant stay. 

Using Green Energy

At the heart of our ethics at Camping Taimì there is a commitment to a sustainable future, and this is reflected in how we obtain and use energy. The energy that powers our structure comes exclusively from renewable and certified sources.